Where I Write

I like to think I can write “anywhere” but that’s less true than I’m comfortable with on most days. Yes, I usually have a way to write or record an idea or thought. I’ve written on my lunch hour and in Starbucks. I have voice memos, notes on napkins, notebook upon notebook, Evernotes, Dropboxes and clouds. I have a laptop, an iPad and a phone so I can literally go anywhere.

Having said that, there is something to having your own space in which to create, where the post-it notes can be put on the wall and moved about. And so, about the time I got laid off, I set up my spot in our spare bedroom. I got a desk and, as I started freelancing, this became more and more “mine.” Now I do all sorts of things there:










Homage to my Scottie–that chaise lounge doubles as a free-weight bench.  I’m still scouting the perfect location for my post-it plot map, since I’m not currently working on anything in that stage. I’ll probably put it on the back of the door; I’m fairly certain my MIL would freak out a tad to see that mess and I’m pretty sure I don’t want her reading the innards of my mind either!

So I don’t need much, and in fact, I don’t need this much. But I’m grateful for it and the ability to use the space for my needs.

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