Ten Days

Coming Summer 2018

Twenty-five-year-old grad student Reagan Newhart travels to her favorite Southern city for ten days of all-expense paid fun. Being the maid of honor in her college roommate’s wedding gives her an opportunity to throw caution to the wind, so when the bride is delayed, she meets an older man embraces the sparks that fly. But Russell Gannon is also in town for a wedding, the nuptials of his estranged daughter. When the passionate lovers realize they’re in town for the same event, they dive for cover. Will their budding love destroy the other valuable relationships in their lives or kill any chance they have for a happily-ever-after?


Coming Fall 2018

When Quinn Collier meets Bryson Clark, she thinks she's hit the stud jackpot. She doesn't know he's about to break her life wide open. Bryson is a private investigator searching for missing children in a recently exposed national baby-theft ring. Bent on delivering the bad news and moving on to the next case, he doesn't expect her to challenge his sense of right and wrong. As the pair becomes more involved and secrets are exposed, will Quinn be able to admit she's not who she thinks she is? And will Carson be able to hold himself together long enough to help her through the most difficult time in her life?

The House of Heaven

Coming Winter 2018

Tiberius Pallus, disgraced by his family, is demoted and sent to Phoenecia as punishment. Frustrated by this turn of fate, he sees redemption in a possible plot brewing inside the seductive Temple of Anath. As a servant of Anath, Saria is bound to do the bidding of the temple, so when she's instructed to seduce the Roman soldier with the piercing green eyes, she's terrified yet obedient. As the two strike a bargain to trade information for freedom, they become entangled in temple intrigue, local politics and Roman pride. When Saria's spying is revealed, will Tiberius sacrifice her to salvage his reputation or save her and admit he loves her more than himself?