Upcoming Titles

10 Days  New South Book 2

Grad student Reagan Newhart travels to her favorite Southern city for ten days of all-expense paid fun. Being the maid of honor in her college roommate’s wedding gives her an opportunity to throw caution to the wind, so when the bride is delayed, she seeks a fling.

Russell Gannon is also in town for a wedding, the nuptials of his estranged daughter. When the passionate lovers realize they’re in town for the same event, they dive for cover. Will their budding love destroy the other valuable relationships in their lives or kill any chance they have for a happily-ever-after?

Missing   New South Book 3

Noah Sullivan, private investigator, arrives in Nashville to search for a girl, kidnapped as a toddler, one more head in a nationwide ring of babies for sale. He’s been able to knock down five similar cases, but this one is different. As soon as he lays eyes on the woman,  he’s in trouble. She’s just his type, and he’s about to ruin her life.

Quinn Collier is a struggling artist drifting through life after the death of her father, a locally famous attorney. When she notices a handsome stranger sizing her up, she thinks little of it until he shows up on her doorstep with a wild story about her being a missing person since the age of three. She doesn’t want to believe him, but the more she finds out a, the more unsettled she becomes.

The House of Heaven

Titus Pallus is a man on a mission. Unceremoniously dumped in Phoenicia following a family scandal, he will do whatever it takes to elevate his rank to a more desirable position. When he is tapped by the Legate to attend a banquet at the Temple of Anath, he senses both a trap and an opportunity.

Saria has trained her whole life for service in the temple, but contemplates suicide rather than participate in the ritual sex expected of temple attendants. When she becomes tangled in a plot and  must seduce the Roman Legate, she learns this extraordinary service is tied to a rebellion that could free her forever.