Trust Yourself

So I was “let go” from my job in higher education almost a year ago. I have, indeed, been unemployed that long. I really didn’t think it would be difficult to find a new job, so I didn’t worry too much. Until one month rolled into the next and my “benefits” expired. I had in mind to do the things I never had time to do, so long as I didn’t have to grind away at a j-o-b I didn’t really like. Books to read! Certifications to pursue! Books to write! I even hung out my shingle to do some freelance writing/editing/whatever.

And I did some of that. I did some transcription for a doctoral candidate. I wrote some blog posts about higher education. Then this thing happened. I finally got an interview for a good job in higher ed. The downside? Loooooooong commute. I mean, I’d be losing at least three hours every day just driving my car. To another state. As I waited to hear about a job offer, something else happened. My little freelance gig landed a really good contract. The same day I took that meeting, I heard I didn’t get that job.

Honestly, I was relieved. I’ve enjoyed my time on various campuses in my career, the things I’ve been able to do, and most especially the people I’ve met, including coworkers, colleagues, students, athletes and those EMS management crews. But I didn’t want to go back! My kid decided on the military rather than college, so I didn’t need to stay to subsidize his education. What did I need to say for? Office politics? Campus upheaval? Life in the bubble? Nope. I needed to trust myself and make things happen. So when my client said, “It’s not exciting writing that I’m asking you to do” I thought WHO CARES?!

You just told me I’m writing for a living, and doing what you love is worth everything.

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