I’ve been interviewed on live radio before. I’ve been a guest speaker in creative writing classes. I’ve even done a video interview with a colleague (and admit I have no idea what he did with the footage). But I have been listening to podcasts for a couple years (TNQ is my favorite: GOGGINS!) and I’ve toyed with the idea of doing my own (but that’s probably too extroverty for me), so when I saw the mind behind Horrible Writing was looking for guests, I jumped online and sent an email without overthinking things.

I was advised not to listen to any previous podcasts but the gist is that, as writers, we encounter a slew of interruptions, detours and roadblocks–and hopefully how to overcome these kinds of obstacles. It’s like TNQ for writers. While I am by no means a NY Times Best-Selling Author…I haven’t given up and there are some things about me that make it interesting, including the MS diagnosis and navigating my husband’s year-long deployment.

So I did it! Thanks to Paul Sating for having me on. It was fun–I’m episode 51 and will que up in late August.

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