Something was Off

Something was off and needed to change. Pretty much right away. Now, I don’t want to be one of those authors who constantly changes up their book covers. I think it makes titles hard to recall in some cases, but it can also help, if the image more accurately reflects your book contents, or is more eye catching and leads to more sales.

I’ve always liked the cover for All in Good Time. I liked the rustic red barn-ish feel but I’m aware the image isn’t era appropriate. Its too modern. As I applied for some promo, the woman running the site gave me two pieces of advice:

  1. Get some reviews (duh, I’ve been asking)
  2. Get a new cover

Now, I dare say she didn’t know the actual contents of the book, but given the blurb and then the image, it didn’t jibe (yes, that’s the right word). So, after a momentary flare of “how dare she”, I realized she was right and it validated what I’d known from the beginning. So I went in search of a particular image I’d used during pre-release promo, and finally found it.

So I give you the new cover for All in Good Time, now available everywhere:

And I have gotten a couple reviews, but I’d love some more!