Roman Romance

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Surrender to the Roman - Sales Link

As the Romans storm the last stronghold of Dacia, Princess Ademeni is taken as a slave and deposited into General Marcus Cordovis's home as a gift. Driven to avenge her family, Ademeni plots to kill her captor and escape but Marcus keeps her too close to make escape easy—so close that Ademeni is soon tormented by an unbidden, traitorous attraction. Now, Ademeni is growing too fond of those she is supposed to despise. As Marcus prepares for his triumphal march and the opening of the gladiatorial games, Ademeni readies for her own battle between revenge and love.

2009 Carina Press

The House of Heaven - Coming Winter 2018

Tiberius Pallus, disgraced by his family, is demoted and sent to Phoenecia as punishment. Frustrated by this turn of fate, he sees redemption in a possible plot brewing inside the seductive Temple of Anath. As a servant of Anath, Saria is bound to do the bidding of the temple, so when she's instructed to seduce the Roman soldier with the piercing green eyes, she's terrified yet obedient. As the two strike a bargain to trade information for freedom, they become entangled in temple intrigue, local politics and Roman pride. When Saria's spying is revealed, will Tiberius sacrifice her to salvage his reputation or save her and admit he loves her more than himself?

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