Hey y’all! With three titles in the Bryeton Books series re-released and a fourth in pre-production (which means I’m thinkin’ about it in the shower), I’m plannin’ to move on in 2018 to release some things I’ve had either completed or nearly complete.  These are the three titles: Crashed, Ten Days and Missing. I’m calling this the New South Series as they are all set in booming cities in the South. The books highlight Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, and Charleston, SC. They’re also all comtemporaries. Never been so excited to be able to put a freakin’ cell phone in one of my stories! I plan to round out the year by releasing a historical romance set in Roman-ruled Phoenecia. I’ll update the website as I finalize blurbs and such, and as always, look forward to any and all feedback y’all feel moved to give.

Getting into 2019 means urban fantasy release and more! I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself,  but I’m pretty excited about putting these stories in the hands of readers. For now, you can find my Bryeton Books titles and Surrender to the Roman at ALL ebook retailers at really, REALLY attractive prices.

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