On the Hunt!

Do you stalk things? You know, that coat at your favorite store you can’t bring yourself to pay full price for? You watch for sales, coupons, even maybe it’s cheaper online with the Honey app. You’re even willing to wait for season-ending clearance, it’s that valuable to your wardrobe. Then, you stumble upon the right combination of sales, disposable income and possibly the weather. The stars and planets are aligned, and you make the purchase you’ve obsessed over for weeks, perhaps months.

It’s that way with books, too, isn’t it. You follow an author or stumble upon something that looks tantalizing. Instant gratification is easy and largely affordable with e-books and e-readers, right?  And now, with pre-ordering, you can scratch that reading itch by purchasing…and then you have to wait. It all seems a little unfair, what we’re doing, teasing you with our Cursed Lands stories. Maybe you’ve pre-ordered and are impatiently waiting or maybe you have your finger over that ‘purchase’ button. Did you know:

  • You are gifted 15 FREE books to satisfy your reading needs (and they ARE needs) prior to the release of Cursed Lands?
  • You can check in weekly for giveaways to places like Starbucks, Amazon, B&N and Target? 
  • You can read free first chapters of the Cursed Lands stories on Wattpad?

And, if you subscribe to my mailing list, you will receive a copy of my latest release, CRASHED. Anyone subscribing between February 1 and 14 will get their copy within 24-hours 🙂  OPT IN NOW

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