Crashed is a novel I finished in 2015, then completed an extensive edit on about three months ago. I wanted to put together a more elevated take on the ‘billionaire boss’ romance meme. What if she’s got a really big axe to grind? What if they have a backstory neither of them really knows about–and what they do know is wrong?  What if he wants to be less like his father and she wants to be more like hers?

All the what if questions came together to form the nucleus of Crashed. I’m proud of the result. Here’s the official back-cover blurb:

When Ella Leary crashes the birthday party of publishing mogul Levi Northrup, she hopes to learn something sordid to use in her fight against him. She believes he’s stolen the magazine her father started and blames him for her father’s death. She never expects him to chase her down the street or be so vulnerable that she loses her edge and falls into bed with him. Levi is irate when he learns Ella’s true identity and gives her only a single issue of her precious magazine while he unravels his father’s final, very personal, business deal. Long-held secrets will force them to either part ways or work together in and out of the office.

Click on the cover to hit the purchase links and don’t forget to come back with a review when you’re done. Thanks for taking a look!

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