This one goes without saying but imma say it anyway…I don’t have any kind of English degree and on a good day, I dangle at least one participle. I know what’s grammatically correct but I can’t always tell you why it’s right or wrong. This is a good thing when, say, your kid needs a paper proofed or your mother in law wants to know how to spell something. It’s not a good thing to be completely annoying (although I did correct a letter a boyfriend sent me, just to get it out of my system–I didn’t send it back to him or anything). Am I proud that my child uses full words and and punctuation in his texts? YAS! Is it required? NOPE!

But I would TOTALLY use this mug y’all! I’m just keeping silent and going on about my business…nothing to see here.

You can find this particular mug many places or you can start HERE, prices ranging from $9.99 to 15.99.

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