This mug is refillable! I’m at Industrious Nashville/Gulch this morning, getting some stuff done on the freelance gigs while DH is in his office here, meeting with clients. This is a cool place to work, with free coffee, bagels and such, and good places for lunch. Can you tell that food is important to me? Probably why I need to shed a few lbs. Anyway, I love the little bee on this cup–I have a notebook, pen and sticker with the same. A little impact marketing.

What’s on the agenda this week? Spending a day with a client tomorrow, getting the floorplans for multiple projects with them. Create and edit a couple educational blog posts for a client and I’m currently listening to the Biceps & Business podcast. These guys are talking about the education system and how it’s failing students. I’m not shaking my head and one of these guys is pissed off, rightfully so. If you can take the language, here’s the link: Business & Biceps

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