If you were looking for a marketing post from me this week, I offer my deepest apologies. Life has interfered with the process a bit more than usual this week as we prepared for my son to ship to Parris Island, SC for Marine Corps boot camp. The stress leading up to the event was more than I had anticipated, a bunch of last-minute visits, tasks and “one last” moments. His ship date was pushed back a day, which was great on one hand and anxiety-inducing on the other. He left yesterday with ten others and we got that late-night call to let us know he’d arrived.

He’s ready, willing and able. I look forward to seeing him in thirteen weeks. He will have finished his initial training just as most of his peers are preparing to start their first semester of college. Different strokes for different folks. When we got that call last night and shared the news with family, I felt relieved because I know where he is and that he’ll be taken care of. I’m excited because he’s doing what he wants to do and I know he can complete the task, no matter how tough some moments may be. Nothing you truly want is easy.

Meanwhile, I will be back next Tuesday with more marketing tips, including social media platform management tools, email info and more.

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  1. Sending him so many good wishes for strength, courage, easy maintenance of humor…all the big stuff he’ll need in the next 13 weeks, and in life in general! He is a wonderful guy. I can’t wait to see how his life unfolds.

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