Horrible Writing…and Whining

Let’s just admit that we’ve all done the above at one point or another in our writing lives. We think our writing is horrible. We whine about it, at least internally, and have little (and hopefully infrequent) pity parties. We feel that twinge when our writing pals achieve and we don’t (yet). No matter how happy we are for our friends, and we are happy for them, we’re chasing that success too.

That’s why podcasts like Paul Sating’s are important. The Horrible Writing Podcast does not choose from a narrow pool of writers, but features writers from all genre and formats. They talk about their journeys, the good times and, the only thing you know you’re going to be asked about is your “horrible writing moment.” This is the podcast for you if you feel insecure, if you’re afraid you’re not doing it “right” or if you think you can’t overcome the real or imagined obstacle in front of you.

I hope you enjoy my episode of Horrible Writing. We had fun doing it, I was really comfortable, Paul asked some great questions, and I think we covered some common ground that many writers/creatives tread. 

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