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YAS! I have a newsletter…with caveats (because who doesn’t love a good caveat?).  I’m working on building my email list so I can get news, updates, promotions and give-aways out to the tribe. Hmm, maybe I’ll actually call it a tribe. We all still agree this is a good way to disseminate information to whatever masses choose to opt in. The caveats: the typical jargon such as you won’t be spammed, your information will not be sold or given away AND this may not be sent to you regularly. I reserve the right to punk out on putting an email newsletter together whenever I feel like it. I hope I won’t because it’s up my alley to waste time and put these things together.

So if you’re up for a quirky, random email update from me every now and again, sign up here: NEWSLETTER

I use Send in Blue for email marketing. Their tagline is “Transactional Messaging Made Easy” which I’ve found to be true. The free account allows users to send emails to up to 600 addresses/day. Their lists and email templates are easy to use, so there’s my tech recommendation for the day!

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