Do you Dare?

I’ve been keeping a secret. It’s been really hard to keep this under wraps so I’m ecstatic to finally be able to talk about the top secret project. I’ve been working the past few months with author Kim Cresswell to write a title for the Cursed Lands boxed set. There–I said it! Let’s start with the big piece first: the boxed set features 22 stories by 24 authors. The stories are all YA/NA dystopian/urban fantasy/paranormal. If you gravitate to those genre, this is the set for you. Kim and I have been working on a story titled ICEHAVEN, an NA dystopian that I’ll share more about soon. It’s been a new adventure, collaborating with Kim. We’ve known each other for about twenty years online and have been critique partners over the years. The good news is that any issues are technical–the writing arrangement is letting us play to our strengths. 

I’ll share more about our story and about the set in the coming weeks. For today–PRE-ORDER STARTS NOW! Venture over to the website and prep-order today. You’ll get access to 15 free titles to tide you over until release day, and a chance to score a gift card. 

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