Camp NaNo Never

It’s tempting, truly. The idea that, for one whole month you (too) can focus on your writing and complete an entire first draft. There’s a certain common sense to it that makes you think I can do that–I can set aside Read More

Monday’s Mug

This one goes without saying but imma say it anyway…I don’t have any kind of English degree and on a good day, I dangle at least one participle. I know what’s grammatically correct but I can’t always tell you why Read More

Trust Yourself

So I was “let go” from my job in higher education almost a year ago. I have, indeed, been unemployed that long. I really didn’t think it would be difficult to find a new job, so I didn’t worry too Read More

Monday’s Mug

One thing about me? I love music about as much as coffee. Not all music, mind, but a lot of it. Classical, Motown, really errthing but country, which is ironic given where I live. Through the years, I have come Read More

Where I Write

I like to think I can write “anywhere” but that’s less true than I’m comfortable with on most days. Yes, I usually have a way to write or record an idea or thought. I’ve written on my lunch hour and Read More

Get Updates & More

YAS! I have a newsletter…with caveats (because who doesn’t love a good caveat?).  I’m working on building my email list so I can get news, updates, promotions and give-aways out to the tribe. Hmm, maybe I’ll actually call it a Read More