Monday’s Mug

This mug is refillable! I’m at Industrious Nashville/Gulch this morning, getting some stuff done on the freelance gigs while DH is in his office here, meeting with clients. This is a cool place to work, with free coffee, bagels and Read More

Camp NaNo Never

It’s tempting, truly. The idea that, for one whole month you (too) can focus on your writing and complete an entire first draft. There’s a certain common sense to it that makes you think I can do that–I can set aside Read More

Monday’s Mug

This one goes without saying but imma say it anyway…I don’t have any kind of English degree and on a good day, I dangle at least one participle. I know what’s grammatically correct but I can’t always tell you why Read More

Trust Yourself

So I was “let go” from my job in higher education almost a year ago. I have, indeed, been unemployed that long. I really didn’t think it would be difficult to find a new job, so I didn’t worry too Read More

Monday’s Mug

One thing about me? I love music about as much as coffee. Not all music, mind, but a lot of it. Classical, Motown, really errthing but country, which is ironic given where I live. Through the years, I have come Read More

Where I Write

I like to think I can write “anywhere” but that’s less true than I’m comfortable with on most days. Yes, I usually have a way to write or record an idea or thought. I’ve written on my lunch hour and Read More