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    Monday’s Mug

    This is one of my favorite mugs. I have a Scottie named Stewie (he’s the little black dog of LBD Media Co) and his half-brother Angus, a wheaten who passed a couple years ago. I’d never owned a dog before Stew, and he’s my best friend. He knows my moods and I know his schedule. At ten, he now has diabetes and pancreatitis, so we do a few things to make sure he’s in good health. I also have an Instagram account (mkchester) that has literally become my Scottie feed. The Scottie community is strong on Insta, and we all put up stories and pics of our pups, connecting across…

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    Monday’s Mug (on Wednesday)

    So I’ve missed this a couple times, which figures. We knew this would happen, so I have a payoff today: My family is on it’s final Spring Break, visiting my husband’s daughter and her husband near Savannah, GA. There’s four of us, DH, The Boy, and The Boy’s GF, and she lurves some coffee. So I picked out this giant mug and filled ‘er up with the mocha latte of her choice, made by my DH. See, my bonus daughter used to work marketing for Blue Man Group in Orlando, last time we were there, she got us some tickets and really enjoyed the show. So not only is it…

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    Camp NaNo Never

    It’s tempting, truly. The idea that, for one whole month you (too) can focus on your writing and complete an entire first draft. There’s a certain common sense to it that makes you think I can do that–I can set aside every other thing in my life for a mere thirty days and give the words their life! I mean, I want to. I want to do that every day, TBH. Isn’t that the dream? So NaNoWriMo (and it’s devilish offshoots, like Camp NaNo) are basically telling you that you (too) can live your dream for a month. And you’ll love it so much you’ll never go back to your old normal. This…

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    New Release: Crashed

    Crashed is a novel I finished in 2015, then completed an extensive edit on about three months ago. I wanted to put together a more elevated take on the ‘billionaire boss’ romance meme. What if she’s got a really big axe to grind? What if they have a backstory neither of them really knows about–and what they do know is wrong?  What if he wants to be less like his father and she wants to be more like hers? All the what if questions came together to form the nucleus of Crashed. I’m proud of the result. Here’s the official back-cover blurb: When Ella Leary crashes the birthday party of…

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    Monday’s Mug

    This one goes without saying but imma say it anyway…I don’t have any kind of English degree and on a good day, I dangle at least one participle. I know what’s grammatically correct but I can’t always tell you why it’s right or wrong. This is a good thing when, say, your kid needs a paper proofed or your mother in law wants to know how to spell something. It’s not a good thing to be completely annoying (although I did correct a letter a boyfriend sent me, just to get it out of my system–I didn’t send it back to him or anything). Am I proud that my child…

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    Trust Yourself

    So I was “let go” from my job in higher education almost a year ago. I have, indeed, been unemployed that long. I really didn’t think it would be difficult to find a new job, so I didn’t worry too much. Until one month rolled into the next and my “benefits” expired. I had in mind to do the things I never had time to do, so long as I didn’t have to grind away at a j-o-b I didn’t really like. Books to read! Certifications to pursue! Books to write! I even hung out my shingle to do some freelance writing/editing/whatever. And I did some of that. I did…

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    Monday’s Mug

    One thing about me? I love music about as much as coffee. Not all music, mind, but a lot of it. Classical, Motown, really errthing but country, which is ironic given where I live. Through the years, I have come to equate certain music with certain events in my life. It never occurred to me until I met my husband that not everyone did that. He likes a song here and there, but he has no favorites. I remember in the mid-eighties, listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria every evening when I’d go to bed. I’d plug the cassette in and turn it on and usually I’d fall asleep before the…

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    Monday’s Mug

    So I hope that on every Monday, I’ll post one of my favorite coffee cups. I like coffee and tea at any time of the day and have, like most, special cups they use until they meet some kind of caffeine-free induced death. I will definitely share some of those with you BUT I’m also quite fond of looking for new cups with witty sayings. Or an animal. Or whatever. So today, I bring you this:  My soul isn’t really black *unless you’re my husband* but it’s snarky enough for a Monday morning. You can pick up your copy on Etsy HERE for $19+shipping/handling.

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    Where I Write

    I like to think I can write “anywhere” but that’s less true than I’m comfortable with on most days. Yes, I usually have a way to write or record an idea or thought. I’ve written on my lunch hour and in Starbucks. I have voice memos, notes on napkins, notebook upon notebook, Evernotes, Dropboxes and clouds. I have a laptop, an iPad and a phone so I can literally go anywhere. Having said that, there is something to having your own space in which to create, where the post-it notes can be put on the wall and moved about. And so, about the time I got laid off, I set…

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    Get Updates & More

    YAS! I have a newsletter…with caveats (because who doesn’t love a good caveat?).  I’m working on building my email list so I can get news, updates, promotions and give-aways out to the tribe. Hmm, maybe I’ll actually call it a tribe. We all still agree this is a good way to disseminate information to whatever masses choose to opt in. The caveats: the typical jargon such as you won’t be spammed, your information will not be sold or given away AND this may not be sent to you regularly. I reserve the right to punk out on putting an email newsletter together whenever I feel like it. I hope I…