Basic Marketing Tips for Authors (No. 8)

As promised, I’m back to marketing with some social media marketing platform advice. So far, I’ve advised you to use what social media platforms you feel comfortable using and to use the same “look and feel” on each platform to make you easily recognizable. Now you might be frustrated because, having done that, you spend hours working on social media posts for each of these outlets. Wring your hands no more! There are platforms that allow you to post to all your social media at one time, for free.

I have, at some point, used each of the platforms listed in the graphic below. I am currently using Buffer, which I’m having glitchy issues with (more on that later). I used MavSocial in a day job, and to my understanding, it’s only free today if you signed up when it was free. In other words, if you sign up today, it will cost, or if you signed up prior, you’re grandfathered in.

These are not the only options. Any Google search for “free social media marketing platform” will garner millions of results. If you start threading through articles (like this one) that list them out, be sure to check the publication date because the information may be defunct by now.

The granddaddy of all of them seems to be Hootsuite. You can link three profiles for free, the majority of which are the most popular social media outlets. It allows you to schedule posts, do bulk scheduling, gives you the “best times” to post automatically and shorten you links if you need to.

Tweetdeck offers unlimited profile linking but then doesn’t seem to use the most typical social media outlets. MavSocial is now free for two profiles, but I can vouch that their platform is not intuitive. Buffer allows one profile and uses most of the popular outlets. The thing happening to me on Buffer (which I now understand) is that it allowed me to link to two social networks but then will only post to one of them. Why would you allow me to link to two or more and then only post to one?

As usual, the bottom line is this: you’re going to have to try them to figure out which one works best for you. Some have smart phone apps and some do not, so that might be a no-go. Once you find a good fit, however, you can save a ton of time by scheduling your social media. This means you don’t have to visit each network to post, you can post at optimal times and set your notifications for your preferences.

Using something else? Please share in the comments how you “set it and forget it.”