This is for all those authors who have a book already on Amazon. We’re going to talk about Author Central, the method my which readers (any account holder) may follow their favorite authors for FREE. If you are one of the few people on earth without an Amazon account, you will need to sign up for one. If you’re vehemently opposed to shopping on the site, fine, you don’t ever have to. However, like Goodreads, having your titles sitting out there unattached to their author is a crime against…well, you’re missing an opportunity to connect.

You can visit Author Central HERE. This page is full of helpful information, and the first bullet point is setting up your profile. Same rules apply here as everywhere on the interwebs: use the photo or logo you use on your author website and social media.┬áPull your title(s) under your author persona using the ISBN and viola! Instant author page. You can add more images, but I typically don’t recommend doing so, as it just takes away from readers viewing your titles and profile. You can add a profile, link your blog (if you have a blog) and website, and list upcoming events.

Bonus? You can also access your sales data and customer reviews under different tabs.

At the end of the day, I wonder how long before Amazon merges Author Central with Goodreads, because they do serve largely the same purpose: allowing readers contact with their favorite authors. To be honest, I haven’t yet explored whether most of the other online booksellers have this kind of profile authors can set up (I know B&N does not) so leave me a comment if I’m missing any other opportunities!

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