In my first Basic Marketing Tips post, I advised to invest in a headshot or logo to use on all your media. I also advise that the “look and feel” of your website and media should all match up. What does that mean? It means that selecting the colors, images and such of your website (the modern day business card) should feel familiar to a customer/reader. You can do this by using the same images and colors on headers for your social media.

For free.

Now, you can find images online via Google search, but those images may be copyrighted and you’d never know unless and until you get that notice. But there are alternatives. My two favorite free sites to find images are: Unsplash and Pixabay. I have them on my smartphone so I can browse images when I’m stuck somewhere that I can’t do any other work. Splasher is also an app (only, no web version) with good free images. Your web service will also provide some free images, just be aware that lots of folks may use them.

Great, you find an image you want to use. Now what? I’m going to get into trouble with my graphic design friends for this, but Canva is your friend.  Canva is free for most services. You can upgrade, of course, or pay for certain formats if you love them. I never have. At the top of Canva, you see a listing of formats they offer, so you can create a header specific for Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest…whatever you’re using, they have a format. Neglecting to do this means your images won’t really fit right, may be pixelated or blurred or cut off. Once you know what image you want to use, it takes mere moments to load any verbiage on top of the image, like your name and tagline, latest title, whatever. If you’re new to this “design” game, keep it simple. Use one of their pre-made templates, formats or create from scratch. Make the font clear and readable.

So now you can find quality free images and manipulate them for FREE. No excuses! There’s nothing you can do that can’t be undone, go forth and create your brand!

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