Basic Marketing Tips for Author (No.10)

This post will wind up all the marketing articles and give you a checklist of the items I’ve covered in a general way. This will, of course, look different for everyone, depending on how aggressive you want to be, what you can afford to do, and which social media sites you enjoy being a part of.

  • Purchase domain name/arrange hosting
  • Procure headshot or logo
  • Use Canva account to create graphics, including logo if needed
  • Create FaceBook fan page banner & profile pic/logo, linked to website
  • Create Twitter banner & profile pic/logo, linked to website
  • Create Amazon author page profile pic/logo, link to website, claim your titles
  • Create Goodreads profile pic/logo, link to website, claim your titles
  • Set up your newsletter with pic/logo, link
  • All active sites have same profile pic/logo and a link to your up to date website
  • All active sites use the same color schemes, banners (created for specific size) and profile verbiage

Writing this series has been helpful for me, allowing me to go back over some of my items and pull everything in line. Will this guarantee you sales? No, but it will help you to appear as though you have a presence, a platform, and a way for readers to connect. Through these affordable venues, you can interact with your readers, share news about new releases, appearances, blog tours, and give-aways or sales. The maintenance on these items is manageable, and varies depending upon how often you choose to use social media. It may help to schedule time to work on and pre-load your social media posts, which will save you time during the week.

Feel like I missed something? As always, feel free to leave a comment.