Audio Books? Yes!

Audio books are a little bit of a foreign entity to me. I don’t typically listen to them, although I’m not opposed in any way to doing so, I find I’d prefer to read, which is also my preferred method of learning. So when the opportunity presented itself to have my titles turned into audio books, I didn’t initially understand how big the audience for this is. Then when I considered my own long daily commute and considered how many others did the same thing, I got very interested very quickly. 

The process was not as daunting as I’d assumed, either, and it seemed fairly simple to find narrators who fit my parameters and seemed excited about the project. So I’m pleased to announce that all three Bryeton Books have been transformed into audio books, now available through Audible, which you can access through your Amazon account. 





If you’re interested in reviewing the audio books, let me know–I have codes for US and UK that allow for a free copy, but you must leave a review in return! Enjoy 🙂