Writers are odd ducks, let’s be honest. We live inside our minds. Other people don’t understand how it works, how you can create something from nothing, literally. I always feel a bit weird answering questions about the process because, while the answer may be interesting to people, that answer is also (usually) very personal. I’ve been blessed to know a lot of creative souls, probably more than most, and the answer is as individual as each person’s DNA. So, here’s my take on 5 ways to know you’re a writer:

  1. Your fictional world may (at times) be much more interesting than your real life. I like my everyday…everyday. I like routine and schedule, which I rely upon to write books. My fictional worlds can be, well, anything at all, but they’re not dull.
  2. The people in your real world will, inevitably, end up in your fictional world. This incarnation may be blatantly obvious or not. I like to toss my friend’s and family’s names into my stories and not tell them. I usually don’t do this with major characters, though, because they are totally other people to me.
  3. Your best ideas come at the worst times. Like, the times you can’t possibly have a way to record it. In the shower, right when you’re about to fall asleep, you know the drill. Of course, there’s really no good excuse not to record your ideas since your smart phone is always in your hand.
  4. You crave “the zone.” That place where you’re so immersed in the story that you lose track of time because you’re mentally somewhere else, somewhere your mind created and that’s pretty much a drug.
  5. You want to talk about it but you don’t want to talk about it. You really wish you could explain plots and characterization and world building and have others get as excited as you. But the truth is, even if they get excited for you, they still don’t get why.

And now, I’m going to edit this ten times before I post. See what I did there? I gave you number six for free!


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