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The Sum of All Tears Series

They said it wouldn’t happen. 
Everything would be better. 
They were wrong. 
After a climate change experiment goes terribly wrong, August Madison, finds herself resurrected in a frozen wasteland. 
With most of the world’s population and food sources annihilated, depraved nomadic gangs patrol the lawless landscape as outlasters claw for survival. 
Amid the chaos, Graysen Marx, iron-fisted leader of the domed settlement Liberty, emerges from the catastrophic event with his own agenda. 
When August crosses his path, he sees an opportunity he must exploit. 
She sees an evil she must destroy. 
Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Max, and The Hunger Games are sure to enjoy this enthralling post‑apocalyptic dystopian epic adventure with a paranormal twist.
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Lyndsey Cooper

Lyndsey Cooper

Goodreads Review of all in good time

I loved reading this book and couldn't put it down! It was well written and envelops you immediately into the story. Jake is the perfect gentleman, any woman's dream man, but you'll find your heart truly belongs to Charlie. Excellent read!!



Amazon/Audible review of Tied together

This was my first M.K. Chester's book, and won't be the last. This is the third book in the Bryeton Series. I love Ben and Heather's story. The storyline is suspenseful and filled with mystery, intrigue, and romance. I totally recommend this audiobook.

Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr

Barnes & Noble Review of Icehaven

With vivid imagination, the authors bring this new world into intense focus. You can feel the frigid temperatures and imagine the desolate landscape. The characters are well-drawn and likable. The writing flows in that smooth, rhythmic way that I love, and I just couldn’t stop reading Icehaven.


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